1.        The sod farm operations take precedence over ALL activities.  We use the field at the convenience of the owner.

2.        All members will follow ALL instructions from ANY sod farm personnel without question. 

3.        When sod farm operations are occurring during a flying session it is OUR responsibility to ensure that we will not interfere with operations.  If it is unclear as to what is happening or where they intend to mow or work try to talk to workers or management and always move equipment or vacate the premises if necessary.  Some workers do not speak very good English, in that case you must make every effort to avoid conflict or interference with operations.

4.        Park only in the designated parking area on the southwest corner of the field.  Do not park on grass, dirt or roads.

5.        Avoid setting up on newly seeded areas or young grassy areas.  The nice grassy areas are better to land on anyway!

6.        Establish a frequency control pole and tag system! Frequency control is to be in effect at all times!! All members will post their frequency control tags on the pole and if there are conflicts, please exercise safety sense as well as share the flight time.

7.        Parking and pit areas should be as condensed as possible for the safety of launch and landing.

8.        Establish flight line areas for winch launch, high start launch, and hand launch that are separate for the sake of launch, flight & landing safety.

9.        Flying over the parking/pit areas at less than 30 feet is prohibited. Doing so in competition WILL result in a zero flight score and during R/R flying a disciplinary action by the club.

10.     No aerobatics or speed runs over the parking/pit/Launch/Landing zones.

11.     Do not launch if a plane is circling in a launch zone: vacate the launch zone as soon as possible if someone is waiting to launch.

12.     When entering a thermal occupied by other aircraft, enter in the same direction as the first aircraft

13.     Landing aircraft have the right of way!

14.     In the event of no mechanical retriever, please shag your own chute/line for the flight

15.     Please share the usage of club equipment so that all have equal flight time.

16.     Please be courteous and helpful to your fellow flyers as well as informative to all guests/spectators. Enjoy yourself and others!!

17.     Absolutely no debris or trash is to be left on the field! Please take it home with you for disposal.

18.     Make sure that your plane and electronics are airworthy before each flight. Exercise good safety sense in your flight

19.     The aircraft will have an identification name/address or AMA number on or in the model in case of loss.

20.     Please tag your winch/high start spikes or stakes with fluorescent tape so they are easily spotted on the field by all concerned.

21.     Absolutely no alcoholic beverages will be consumed, prior to or during participation in any model event on the flying field.

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