Operate as pilot in command of a sport pilot eligible aircraft
• Carry a passenger and share expenses (fuel, oil, airport expenses, and aircraft rental);
Fly during the daytime using visual flight rules (VFR). Three statute miles visibility and visual contact with the ground are required.
Cross-country flying anywhere in the U.S.
Fly up to 10,000 feet above mean sea level (MSL) or 2,000 feet above ground level (AGL), whichever is higher.
Fly solo or with one passenger.
Share operating expenses with another person.
Fly in Class E and G airspace (and B, C, and D airspace with appropriate training).
Allows sport pilots to fly production (standard airworthiness certificate) and experimental amateur-built aircraft that meet the definition of a light-sport aircraft.
Allows rental of special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA).
Rocky Mountain Soaring Association
Membership Application


PAYPAL is a service that provides electronic transfers of money between businesses and individuals.  For all users that SEND money the service is TOTALLY FREE.  For users that receive money the service is free if the receiver gets less than $100 per month from users.  Unfortunately if the receiver (RMSA) exceeds $100 in transactions they refuse all further transactions until the next month.  To avoid this RMSA has signed up as a business user.  As a business user there are fees charged for processing each transaction.  To receive a credit card transaction the charge is 2.2% + $0.30 - for checking account transfers the charge is 1.6% + $0.30.  Since our most expensive fee is the family renewal and the fee on that is about $0.99 we are charging the member one dollar extra to pay electronically to cover this fee.  There are NO other charges.

If you have an existing PAYPAL account you can use that to either transfer money to RMSA or you can have PAYPAL place the charge on your credit card. If you do not have an existing account you will be allowed to fill in a form with your credit card information and they will sign you up in the process.  They collect only the bare minimum of data to ensure that you are the card owner.  PAYPAL will transfer the money from your card to the RMSA PAYPAL account.  Once a month a check will be cut payable to RMSA with the fees collected that month.  Remember that other than the $1 that RMSA adds to your bill there are no other charges. 

I have been using the PAYPAL services for over one year and have been very happy.  I have bought a number sailplane items from individuals on the net and it worked flawlessly.

The Process

The following screens will guide you through the signup process. 

  1. The first screen will be the RMSA application form.  At a minimum you must fill in the required fields marked by RED REQUIRED marks.  We would appreciate the other data on the form as well.
  2. Pressing the VALIDATE button causes the system to check if you have completed all of the required entries.  If you have not you will be returned to the application form with the required fields missing marked in red.  VALIDATE will still be available and must be pressed again.
  3. If you have filled in all the required fields the buttons at the top and bottom will change as follows:  If you checked the box to only submit the form and not pay - the button will say "SUBMIT FORM".  When you click on it the form will be submitted to RMSA.  YOU MUST STILL SEND A CHECK IN TO ACTIVATE YOUR MEMBERSHIP.  WHEN PAYMENT IS RECEIVED BOB WILL UPDATE YOUR PAID STATUS.
  4. If you did not check the SUBMIT FORM ONLY checkbox then the button will read "PAY via PAYPAL".  Clicking the button will take you to the PAYPAL site.  On this screen you can log on to your existing PAYPAL account or you can fill in the form and activate a new account to charge your credit card.  The form will already have a description of your membership type and the amount to be charged to your card.  Completion of payment via PAYPAL will bring you automatically back to the RMSA application form.
  5. After Payment the RMSA application form button will now say "SUBMIT TO RMSA".  Clicking this button will send your application to us.
  6. A Thank You screen will then be displayed.  If you have a family membership you can and should click on the link to the application form to fill out a form for each FLYING member of the family.  Note that all of the data you previously filled in will still be there - so you only have to change the data that is unique to the added family member.  Also the new application automatically has the "FAMILY MEMBER" checkbox selected so there are no fees charged. Press the "SUBMIT to RMSA" button to send the application.  When you are done you can return to the RMSA site using the link on the Thank You page - or you can simply close the window.

It is actually harder to explain than do...


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